2015 Synod Convention unpublished memorials

The following convention memorials were submitted after the deadline for the printed Book of Reports and Memorials.

2015 Synod Convention elections

Ballot, nominees, and position descriptions for the elections at the 2015 Synod Convention in Saginaw, Mich., July 27-30, 2015.

Key Convention Documents

Find the 2015 Book of Reports and Memorials, Synod Convention delegate book, voting and advisory delegates, floor committees, and delegate reimbursement form.

WELS Call Reports

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Pastor, teacher, and staff minister call report

The call report details when pastors, teachers, and staff ministers change positions within WELS. The Conference of Presidents oversees and coordinates the calling process.

*CRM: “Candidatus Reverendi Ministerii.” This means that a person does not currently hold a divine call but is eligible to receive one. He is a “Candidate for the Holy Ministry.”