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Assignment and Call Request

Requests for Called Workers

Requesting a new called worker for your congregation or school, whether you plan to ask for a graduate assignment from one of our worker training schools or call from the field of current workers, is an important process in the life of your ministry. Use the resources provided to give careful consideration to the request and appropriate communication to the candidate you call.

Request a Graduate Assignment or Call List

Please note: WELS Cloud login required for request form

Call List Requests Questionnaire

Additional information for Principal requests
Additional information for Early Childhood Ministry Director requests

Assignment Requests

Assignment request information and instructions
Sample letter to teacher assignment candidate
Sample letter to pastor assignment candidate
WELS New Teacher Induction Information

Common Resources

Call document, teacher
Call document, early childhood ministry director
Call document, staff minister
Call document, pastor single congregation
Call document, pastor dual congregation



Scouting Bible Study

The Conference of Presidents was asked to review the current Scouting organization to determine whether Scouting has changed in a way that would remove the objectionable features.

In a twelve-lesson study on Scouting prepared under the auspices of the Conference of Presidents for use in our congregations, Scripture and quotations taken directly from Scouting resources point out that essentially nothing in Scouting has changed.

Documents from the WELS Conference of Presidents

The following documents are provided by the Conference of Presidents to help WELS congregations. The documents available for download include:

Marriage documents

Marriage documents

Official Synod Reports

Find the most recent and archived Annual Report, the Book of Reports and Memorials, Proceedings, and Report to the Twelve Districts, along with the yearbook listing and the WELS Constitution and Bylaws.

WELS Annual Report

The WELS Annual Report provides a clear picture of the synod and the activities carried out by its areas of ministry. Copies of the report are mailed in January to all congregations as well as to members who have made a direct gift to WELS during the year.

If you would like someone to present this year’s Annual Report to your board or congregation, call WELS Ministry of Christian Giving at 800-827-5482 to be connected to a counselor in your area. Note: Counselors will bring extra copies of the Annual Report to distribute during their presentation. More copies of the report are available at Northwestern Publishing House.

You can also give your own Annual Report presentation using the PowerPoint available below.