Resolutions – 2015 Synod Convention

View the resolutions presented at the 2015 Synod Convention. Resolutions have been adopted unless otherwise noted.

Downloadable resources

Resolution: 01-01-President's Report - New congregationsDownload
Report: 01-01-President's Report Download
Resolution: 02-01-COP - Expressions of gratitudeDownload
Resolution: 02-02-COP - Expressions of gratitudeDownload
Resolution: 02-03-COP - Convention offeringsDownload
Resolution: 02-04-COP - Location of the Synod ConventionDownload
Resolution: 02-05-COP - WELS TLCDownload
Resolution: 02-06-COP - New teacher inductionDownload
Resolution: 02-07-COP - Continuing Education of Called Workers task forceDownload
Resolution: 02-08-COP - Mentoring for new pastorsDownload
Resolution: 02-09-COP - Encouragement to fund professional growthDownload
Resolution: 03-01-Commission on Inter-Church Relations - CELCDownload
Resolution: 03-02-Commission on Inter-Church Relations - LC-MSDownload
Resolution: 03-03-Commission on Inter-Church Relations - CLCDownload
Report: 03-01-Commission on Inter-Church Relations Download
Resolution: 04-01-MCG - Ministry of Christian GivingDownload
Report: 05-01-Communication Services - The work of the Communication ServicesDownload
Report: 06-01-Synodical Council Download
Resolution: 07-01-Support Services - Capital Project committeeDownload
Report: 07-01-Support Services - Technology Download
Report: 07-02-Support Services - Financial ServicesDownload
Report: 07-03-Support Services - Human Resources Download
Resolution: 08-01-WELS Historical Institute - WELS ArchivesDownload
Resolution: 09-01-Christian Aid and ReliefDownload
Report: 09-01-Christian Aid and Relief Download
Resolution: 10-01-Finance and Budget - Ministry financial planDownload
Resolution: 10-02-Finance and Budget - CMO increaseDownload
Resolution: 10-03-Finance and Budget - Debt retirementDownload
Resolution: 11-01-Board for World Missions and Joint Mission CouncilDownload
Report: 12-01-Board for Home Missions Download
Resolution: 13-01-Board for Ministerial Education - Student debtDownload
Report: 13-01-Board for Ministerial Education Download
Resolution: 14-01-CMSG group A - Making the call of the director of the CCC permanentDownload
Report: 14-01-CMSG group A - Commission on Worship Download
Report: 14-02-CMSG group A - Commission on Evangelism Download
Report: 15-01-CMSG group B - Special Ministries, Adult Discipleship, Youth and Family MinistryDownload
Resolution: 16-01-CMSG - CLS - Culture of School ImprovementDownload
Resolution: 16-02-CMSG - CLS - Lutheran School LeadershipDownload
Resolution: 16-03-CMSG - CLS - Voluntary Supplemental Contribution ProgramDownload
Resolution: 17-01-NPH and Publications - Publication Coordinating CommissionDownload
Resolution: 17-02-NPH and Publications - Congregation use of NPH materialsDownload
Report: 18-01-Church Extension Fund Download
Report: 19-01-WELS Foundation/WELS Investment Funds Download
Resolution: 20-01-Benefit Plans - WELS VEBADownload
Report: 20-01-Benefit PlansDownload
Resolution: 21-01-Ad Hoc 2 - WELS Compensation IssuesDownload
Resolution: 21-02-Ad Hoc 2 - WELS convention delegate preparationDownload
Resolution: 21-03-Ad Hoc 2 - Nomination for the election to the praesidium of a districtDownload
Resolution: 21-04-Ad Hoc 2 - Nomination for election of WELS presidnet and the synod praesidiumDownload
Resolution: 21-05-Ad Hoc 2 - Funding merit scholarships and need-based grants at MLCDownload
Resolution: 21-06-Ad Hoc 2 - Early childhood leadership trainingDownload
Resolution: 21-07-Ad Hoc 2 - BWM procedures for opening new mission fields and withdrawing manpowerDownload
Resolution: 21-08-Ad Hoc 2 - Protection/recovery of synodical support from congregations that close or leave the synodDownload
Resolution: 21-09-Ad Hoc 2 - Online RepositoryDownload
Resolution: 21-10-Ad Hoc 2 - Appreciation of Ad Hoc Commission 2 workDownload
Report: 21-01-Ad Hoc 2 - Ad Hoc Commission 2Download
Resolution: 22-01-Miscellaneous - WELS name changeDownload
Resolution: 22-02-Miscellaneous - Scouting Download
Resolution: 22-03-Miscellaneous - Funding for a CYFM directorDownload
Resolution: 23-01-Constitutional - Revisions to bylawsDownload
Resolution: 23-02-Constitutional - Teachers and staff ministersDownload
Resolution: 23-03-Constitutional - WELS Retirement Program CommissionDownload
Resolution: 23-04-Constitutional - Revisions to bylawsDownload
Resolution: 23-05-Constitutional - ThanksgivingDownload
Report: 24-01-Elections Download
Report: 25-01-Convention-AttendanceDownload
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