Unpublished Memorials – 2019 Synod Convention

The following convention memorials were submitted after the deadline for the printed Book of Reports and Memorials.

Resolutions and Reports – 2019 Synod Convention

View the Floor Committee reports and resolutions presented at the 2019 Synod Convention. All resolutions have been adopted.

Elections – 2019 Synod Convention

Ballot, nominees, and position descriptions for the elections at the 2019 Synod Convention in New Ulm, Minn., July 29 – August 1, 2019.

Minutes – 2019 Synod Convention

View the minutes for each day of the 2019 Synod Convention.

Daily Agenda – 2019 Synod Convention

View the most updated agenda for each day of the 2019 Synod Convention.

Please note: Agenda is subject and likely to change.


Key Convention Documents – 2019 Synod Convention

Find the 2019 Book of Reports and Memorials, Synod Convention delegate book, voting and advisory delegates, floor committees, and delegate reimbursement form.

Scouting Bible Study

The Conference of Presidents was asked to review the current Scouting organization to determine whether Scouting has changed in a way that would remove the objectionable features.

In a twelve-lesson study on Scouting prepared under the auspices of the Conference of Presidents for use in our congregations, Scripture and quotations taken directly from Scouting resources point out that essentially nothing in Scouting has changed.

Foreign Travel Insurance

The Foreign Travel Insurance Request form must be completed within 90 but not less than 30 days prior to the commencement of travel. No coverage will be provided for any travel unless the online form has been completed and approved. Please make sure that you take this time requirement into your trip planning timeline.

International travelers are advised to make no travel arrangements until the travel request has been approved by WELS. Please visit osac.gov for travel advisories.

All international travel should be booked through WELS International Travel Partner, Fox World Travel. If you are not planning on booking your travel through Fox, please give a brief explanation why you are not using Fox World Travel on the form.

Complete the online Foreign Travel Insurance Request form.

Report to the Twelve Districts 2018 – Online Reports

The Report to the Twelve Districts, put out in even years, reports the work of the synod to the districts for their conventions.

Documents from the WELS Conference of Presidents

The following documents are provided by the Conference of Presidents to help WELS congregations. The documents available for download include: