WELS 2018 Call Reports

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Pastor, teacher, and staff minister call report

The call report details when pastors, teachers, and staff ministers change positions within WELS. The Conference of Presidents oversees and coordinates the calling process.

*CRM: “Candidatus Reverendi Ministerii.” This means that a person does not currently hold a divine call but is eligible to receive one. He is a “Candidate for the Holy Ministry.”

*Obituaries: From now on, deaths reported on the call report will only be for called workers who are actively serving at the time of their death or for those who have retired from active ministry. This reflects the current Yearbook policy set by the Conference of Presidents.

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Synod Convention Presentations

The PowerPoint presentations and videos available below were presented at the 2017 Synod Convention, July 31-Aug. 3, at Luther Preparatory School, Watertown, Wis. The presentations and videos may contain information that delegates find valuable as they share the convention proceedings with their local congregations.


Additional addendum resources:
Jon Hein – Demographic Study video
Earle Treptow – Compensation Calculator Demo video
Earle Treptow – Supporting Called Workers Bible Study video


Tuesday morning session video
Tuesday afternoon session video
Wednesday morning session video
Wednesday afternoon session video


Note: No special guests or missions presentations will be available due to security protocol.

*due to linked data of multiple files, a PDF is provided instead of a PowerPoint.

Key Convention Graphics – 2017 Synod Convention

Download the Our Great Heritage logo and the stage banners as seen at the 2017 synod convention. If you have any questions about artwork please contact WELS Communication Services at csc@wels.net.

Human Resources – Called Worker Compensation

Supplemental BORAM materials

The following documents are referenced in the Book of Reports and Memorials, but are not printed. They are available to view online and download for your reference.

Safeguarding Religious Freedom Sample Policies for WELS Congregations, Schools, and Organizations

Safeguarding Religious Freedom
Sample Policies for WELS Congregations, Schools, and Organizations

In a changing moral climate, God’s people can continue to make a profound impact as faithful witnesses to his love and truth. Given the freedom to live out and exercise our faith, WELS congregations, schools, and affiliated organizations can engage what is sometimes a hostile social and political culture in ways that offer clear light and enduring hope amid the growing spiritual darkness.  We do that by proclaiming law and gospel, not primarily to change society or human behavior, but to change hearts through the powerful working of the Holy Spirit.

Marriage documents

Key Convention Documents – 2017 Synod Convention

Find the 2017 Book of Reports and Memorials, Synod Convention delegate book, voting and advisory delegates, floor committees, and delegate reimbursement form.

Elections – 2017 Synod Convention

Ballot, nominees, and position descriptions for the elections at the 2017 Synod Convention in Watertown, Wis., July 31 – August 3, 2017.

Daily Agenda – 2017 Synod Convention

View the most updated agenda for each day of the 2017 Synod Convention.

Please note: Agenda is subject and likely to change.